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Who We Are


Founded by Harold Gates in 1947 Gates Brothers has become a leader in the glass industry and has grown to be one of the largest glass shops in West Central Ohio.  Through hard work and good business practices his sons, Thomas B. Gates and Bruce M. Gates, have grown Gates Brothers into a multi-million dollar business with eight locations.  In addition, Gates Brothers has a fleet of 24 vehicles that go to any location with emergency service available at any time, 24-hours a day.   

The reason for the success of Gates Brothers Glass is simple…customer satisfaction.  The company is committed to combining quality with outstanding service and reasonable prices.  With honesty and integrity Gates Brothers keeps our promises and guarantees our products and services.  

Gates Brothers Glass is committed to using the most current technology and highest standard of workmanship.  Recognized as a leader in glass education, we provide quality training for all employees.  Our strong focus on glass education helps us anticipate and benefit from new trends in the industry.


President – Thomas B. Gates

As President of Gates Brothers Glass, Tom has helped to make the company one of the top businesses in the area, however he is always quick to recognize the efforts of his family and all of the Gates Brothers employees.  Tom began in the glass business at age 16 when he obtained his apprenticeship glazing card with Local #914 of Dayton.  Since that time his knowledge of the glass business has continued to expand.  Balancing his knowledge of glass and keen understanding of business has helped him guide the expansion of Gates Brothers Glass.   

A past member of the Urbana Rotary Club, Tom believes strongly in community involvement and encourages all of the employees to take an active role within their community.  Tom is an avid stamp collector and is a member of the American Stamp Dealers Association.  Tom and his wife, Patty, have 5 children who are all involved in the glass business. 


“The opportunity my brother and I have had to expand this into one of the top businesses

in the area has been a thrill”, says Tom.  “But we still remember our old-fashioned foundation

for success.  Our business is people and our product is satisfaction.”


Vice-President/General Manager – Bruce M. Gates

Bruce Gates began his career in the glass industry at age 16.  By the age of 18 he was a self employed professional.  Having worked in all areas of glass sales and service, Bruce has an in-depth knowledge of the glass business.  As Vice President and General Manager of Gates Brothers Glass, Bruce works with Tom to help guide the company.   

One of the areas in which Bruce has been invaluable to the company is the computerization of the business.  He introduced computers to the shops and continues to maintain all computer systems utilized by the company. Bruce not only understands existing programs, but also creates new ones to meet the growing needs of the business. 

Bruce has been a member of the Ohio Glass Association for many years.  During that time he served on the board of directors, Ohio Auto Glass Chairman and Training Chairman.  Bruce was also a member of the National Glass Association and has been active on their National Training Committee teaching week long workshops for auto glass technicians. 

Outside the company, Bruce is a pilot and has devoted a great deal of time to the Confederate Air Force (CAF).   He is also an active member of the Kiwanis Club and the Elks.  Bruce and his wife Diane are proud parents of two children.